This means there is no over production, no excess stock or fabric consumption or waste. Only taking what is actually needed and what is going to be used and love from the Earth is important. We all deserve a treat every now and then but mindless overconsumption has never been cute.



New natural fibres are always organic cotton or bamboo. This means less water pollution and no use of pesticides. Did you know to make one conventional cotton white t-shirt, takes as much water to produce as one human drinks in three years… yep, a shocker! That’s why at elizabeth whibley we only use organic! Printing or dying natural fibres can cause a lot of water pollution, so we ensure that all the pigment inks are eco-friendly.


Synthetic and polyester fabrics are printed by a technique that uses no water, therefore no waste or pollution. Yes it’s plastic-fantastic but sometimes that is the most practical suitable choice as synthetic fibres are durable, easy to care for and give such vibrant colour opportunities.



As zero-waste as absolutely possible!! No fabric scraps go to landfill, all repurposed, reworked or as a last option, are recycled. Fabrics used in toiling are reused. Pattern cutting methods are done in the most efficient low waste way. 



Prioritising sourcing vintage and second hand fabrics and trimmings, secondly, then sourcing local and independent shops, suppliers and services. 


Very very low air miles on garments, all designed, cut, sewn and packaged under one roof in the elizabeth whibley studio in Margate, Kent. 

Paper based packaging, ready for recycling or biodegrading quickly. 

Elizabeth and Katie both cycle into work too!



So you may have waited weeks for your new garment so you’ll want to keep it for a lifetime right? Once your elizabeth whibley item is with you it’s in your hands to ensure it’s given the love, respect and care it deserves for longevity of the garment. Much of a garments pollution and harm to the environment comes in its laundering process, so please only wash when really needed at 30 degrees or spot wash or use a steamer to clean / de-oder it! 


Many of elizabeth ehibley apparel is made of stretch fabric so it is comfy and accommodating, it won’t be something you’ll easily grow out of hopefully.



Creating and nurturing talent and creating opportunities away from London. elizabeth whibley hopes to grow the team from just two people full time, to more in the future as the business steadily grows. 

Above living wage pay

Flexible working hours

Everyone involved on location shoots are always paid and respected. 

Collaboration and community over competition!


Fulfilling and rewarding work. Against alienation of the worker and exploitation which is found significantly in fast fashion industries.

Fun, creative and hardworking studio environment

Regular check-ins, feedback and clear communication between all working for elizabeth whibley ltd. 

Voluntary internship training opportunities with one-to-one training and experience in slow fashion and small business.

Currently there are no vacancies.