I have had my own small but growing business for over three years now, I started off selling silly pompom earrings on Etsy. Not much has changed because I am still incredibly silly and naive with my design approach but I have developed my style and skills to create the self proclaimed absolutely iconic LOVE MYSELF earrings which if you are lucky, may still be in stock on my website. I also create and sell illustration prints and stickers, soon I will be launching apparel.


My brand is expanding and I am working on getting some of my Graduate Collection DREAMING AND DOING into production so some of you lovelies can nab a piece of pinky goodness. All updates on shop restocks and launches are held over on my Instagram @elizabethwhibley @elizabethwhibleyshop, but you probably knew that because Instagram is what has taken you to my website in the first place! You may have noticed if you are still reading, another skill of mine is talking about myself. Much of my work is also based around ME ! That is because I will never run out of ME-ness, I have a strong sense of self-style and I love reconnecting with aspects of my childhood and girlstyle.

Nostalgia of previous decades, especially the 1960s and 70s heavily inspire me. I have a very playful style, often personifying the mundane and creating a narrative. I am my own muse and I certainly follow a more-is-more aesthetic in my personal dress and in my creations. My graduate collection was shown at Graduate Fashion Week and New Designers, if you would like to see it please click here!!

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