PLEASE only use this option if you need help managing your money when investing in my store. I want to make my items more accessible so am trialing this method of payment plan, I am changing it up a bit as there are now more products on the store. Regardless of the item, a £50 deposit must be put down, then please email to arrange your payment plan. You have 10 weeks to complete all payments, splitting the remainder into a maximum of 3 more payments depending on the item price. I will invoice you the remaining amount.

Please ONLY do this option if you can rely on making the second / third payment. It is of preference that you pay in full if and when you can. Fabric and trimmings will be ordered and planning into production will be made with payment one, once payment two is received then your item will be manufactured. This is when your lead time is from. You cannot change your Print or Size after 24 hours of your first payment purchase. This payment plan option is a longer process to recieving your item and could take maximum 12 weeks.

PRICE LIST: total, then ways to pay within ten weeks

all tied up, babydoll dress: £250 TOTAL (1 x £200 or 2 x £100 or 3 x £66.70 remaining)

mesh dress: £110 TOTAL (1 x £60 remaining - midi -, or 1 x £75 remaining - long -)

betty blouse: £185 TOTAL (1 x £135 or 2 x £67.5 remaining)

velvet skirts: £90 TOTAL (1 x £40 remaining)

loved up bag: £200 TOTAL (1 x £100 remaining or 2 x £50 remaining)

aqua organic cotton sweetheart shirt: £130 TOTAL (1 x £80 or 2 x £40 remaining)

rollneck longsleeved: £88 TOTAL (1 x £38 remaining)



  • ALL NON REFUNDABLE. If you are unsuare, please email first to discuss. Thank you !

  • For SS22: please see full size guide 3XS - 6XL

    Cidella wears S, on the shortest length. 5ft 7. Cidella wears an XS in stretch fabrics.

    Dodo wears 2XL. 5ft 7. Waist 38.5”, Bust 44.5”, Hips 44”. 

    Cydni wears 4XL top, 5XL bottoms. 5ft 7. Waist 52”, Bust 57” Hips 57.5”