If you've made it here from clicking through my stories thanks for caring and taking some time to read !!

This is just a not-so-little post about my thoughts on transitioning to veganism.

I am in no way perfect or totally free of contributing to animal suffering but I am constantly learning and growing to make my efforts better. This isn’t filled with depressing and upsetting facts about climate change and animal suffering – so if you're looking for something light and easy to understand I hope this is useful.

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Imo if you're a big suckkyy bloody meat gobbler :( :( then I think switching to cruelty free makeup and lotions and potions could be easier for you as it doesn't affect your diet !! There are SO many brilliant vegan makeup brands - even many supermarkets - own stuff is often cruelty free, like washing up liquids and detergents.

This isn't a sudden overnight change – I started educating myself and steering away from companies that tested on animals several years ago now, but only really within the last two years have I been REALLY committed - the odd thing still snuck in my basket every once in a while, but now I'm so anti these brands I don't even look in their product ranges because I have no desire at all for them to profit from my consumption.

Superdrug own is my absolute go to for face washes, moisturisers and their own brand makeup too !! Its so affordable and genuinely fantastic !!!!! You literally can't go wrong with it in my opinion, it's always my go-to for "basics" - then I have a little more money to spend on more pricey palettes and lip products.


Cheap cheap yay horray:







Save ya pennies for because a little more pricey:












I decided to try out Veganurary 2018 as a lil trial with no huge intention to continue it come February, but I must say now as I approach the start of 2019, I know I made the best diet decision for me - I hope many of you find such success and enjoyment from change too. I did phase out real dairy milk and butter in November 2017 but really I didn't start my vegan diet until 1st January 2018.

It is a common misconception that veganism is all or nothing - ANY and I mean ANY effort you make is a start, some people don't even consider for one second a vegetarian let alone vegan diet. I myself for so many years said "OMG I COULD NEVER BE VEGAN – but CHEESE- but CHOCOLATE !!!" Now I practically never get tempted by anything, and the longer I am vegan the easier it’s becoming to stick to it - I know it's forever now. (The blue cheese dressing at Pizza Hut still spoke to me a lil bit last week – but resisted ofc !!)

After being raised by my veggie mumsie and being vegetarian for literally my whole life I wish I had tried switching to veganism before 2018 because I have never felt happier and healthier before ! Its kind of "a thing" that your skin can clear up if you have a dairy free diet - This certainly was the case for me ! But ofc this is not for everyone, so I can't promise this vegan miracle. The clarity of skin doesn't define you or make you a better person but it sure as hell ain't gunna make you feel sad !! :) :)

A vegan diet doesn't have to mean horrendously overpriced tofu and falafels - most of these things I don't eat often because I am a cheap cheap student and they just aren't the best thing this plant based diet has to offer !! I eat a lot of stir fries and curries; even your favs like spag bol or pesto pasta can really easily be vegan. Get familiar with cooking from scratch and with fresh veggies because those are such a good way to healthily bulk out a sauce, soup, rice or pasta meal.

There are a hundred and one milk options you can choose from - I personally like coconut the most ! I also enjoy rice, cashew and oat milk. Almond or soya isn't really for me and doesn't seem to settle in hot drinks as well as coconut or oat! But trying these all out is part of the process which is exactly why veganism isn't a quick fix !! Trying milks and other substitutes can be the slightly more pricey part of the transition as its costly to try out the wide level of options. So an idea to help split up the cost is to do it with your housemates, friends or any willing family members - share the cost and have a tasting session to find the products you like the most so you're able to replace the dairy ones. BUTTER IS THE FRIGGIN EASIEST THING EVER EVER EVER TO SUBSTITUTE OMG JUST DO IT - SO easy and no difference at all. Idk why real butter isn't ILLEGAL yet lol. Even if that's the only thing you do this week that's a start – if everyone did this imagine all the dairy cows spared of suffering. Often, more suffering goes to dairy animals than meat animals :(

Spending your money on companies like Vitalite that do vegan spreads means your money is going into their company growth – furthermore meaning they can expand their business and product range ! woo !! more vegan things !!

Personally I tend not to eat much vegan cheese in my everyday diet, I tend to save my 'junk food' meals as treats for when I eat out because when I do I defo max out on pizzas or mac and cheese ! I do generally eat pretty healthily (with the odd packet of fizzy laces and oreos thrown in) but if you're not a fan of looking like you're eating kale and quinoa 24/7 and feel like cooking fresh is unrealistic look at @uglyvegan account on instagram - the food she eats is honestly such a hungover lazy dinner mood. I also genuinely crave hearty salads and wholesome yumminess so The Black Cat Cafe in Hackney is probably my ultimate fav place to eat out ever !

ALL literally ALL chain restaurants and cafes do vegan options in abundance so you can still go out to eat without feeling inconvenience to your meat-eating pals. (Zizzi and Pizza Express do the best vegan pizzas and puddings btw)

An app I suggest is Vanilla Bean or Happy Cow – when you're out and about you can browse where the nearest places offering vegan and veggie food is really easily.

VEGGIES R FULL OF GOODNESS FOR REALZ and they are so versatile and often cheap too !!! peas, broccoli and tomatoes r my lyf. Certainly cheaper than takeaways and shitty frozen dinners :( I feel like I have more energy and feel less sluggish now I am totally plant based.

There is literally a substitute for EVERYTHING like literally everything – I've tried more 'meaty' vegan substitutes than I've had actual original meat versions, like this year I tried fake popcorn chicken, turkey and rib strips – so if you love this kinda stuff I can assure you there are some good good good substitutes.

So back to the all or nothing thing, people feel like once you've said you're vegan THAT IS FCKIN IT FOREVER THIS WILL GO TO THE GRAVE TO YOU YOU MAY AS WELL HAVE IT TATTOOED ON YOUR FOREHEAD – NO. I've had several chosen 'slip ups' in my first six months of being vegan – but even with those seven or eight days being veggie means I've been purposefully vegan for roughly 98% of the year and that's 98% more than last year !!!! And I always received more criticism from people that weren't vegan themselves (remember often people project their negativity onto you because of how they negatively see themselves) If eating your fav non vegan food once a year, helps you 'cope' but means you're vegan for the rest of the year then fab !! I am sure, like me, after so long you will become disinterested in it anyway. Your efforts will be recognised and you will feel the benefits - at the end of the day, look out for yourself and how you want to control your transition to make sure you do it safely and happily !!

I got the most support from those that empathised with the transition and gladly welcomed and encouraged my change to a vegan diet !!! I would always be the same too - am I not gunna waste energy being negative to someone that's trying to be veggie/vegan when they slip up or 'give in one time' over someone who has never walked a meat free day in their life, naaaaaaa. Overall, the chances are I'll rarely heavily inflict my opinion and diet choices onto anyone as I try to respect people's life choices as much as possible. If you still don't bring a reusable bag or coffee cup that's when I'm gunna judge ya and not luv ya x x x

If you do eat meat I an slyly judging you ngl

pls give it a whirl or try and make some changes for YOU and the animals and the environment !!!

It's important to remember, not everyone is in a privileged position as myself, or perhaps you so they may not have had access to this education or perhaps they were not raised in a vegetable appreciating household, maybe they don't have access to veganism and luxuries like we do. Many elements of veganism is achievable and accessible to everyone and I believe people will come round to it in their own time.

I found a vegan podcast called Chickpeeps after I had already transitioned but I know if I had listened sooner I would have been so much keener to quit dairy quicker. I am a big sensitive baby when it comes to watching or listening to sad facts about the meat and dairy industry, generally I avoid them and live naively in my lil pink bubble of joy but I can assure you this podcast series isn't rlly rlly awful to listen to - if I can handle it you all can for sure - the general vibe is positive and informative (the jingle is annoying as heck I'm ngl to you but if you get past that you're in to really motivating, interesting and important conversations about veganism) I've listened to them all lol – but I recommend these ones the most –







~ EP 22: EGGS


Just chuck them on whilst you're getting ready or cooking or driving, - if you have a really busy life it's a great way to educate yourself when you have no time to read and source facts and tips yourself.

Wow hello if you're still reading thanks, you deserve a vegan treat +

I hope you learnt some fiiingsss x x

(wish I could write this much so easily for my dissertation ha ha)

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