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Hello, Katie here! I make your clothes, I live half an hour from Elizabeth so when we say locally made we mean it! I’ve been working for Elizabeth full time since November 2020! I started working very casually a year prior before this where we started samples, developed patterns and understanding the brand vision !

A bit about me: I graduated from UCA Rochester (same uni as Elizabeth) in Fashion Atelier (Fashion design with a focus on craft and technical skills), and I’ve had an apprenticeship in bridal wear so my attention to detail and skill level with delicate fabrics is high.



I am really keen on promoting slow fashion, my values are quality over quantity. As long as my hands are busy and the sun is shining I’m happy. I love being outdoors and growing as many veggies as I can in my little garden. My sewing studio is at the end of my garden too so this is where your items are sewn up. My favourite things to do are pattern cutting and top stitching.


I keenly am as eco-conscious as possible and believe if everyone makes smaller changes and buys responsibly we will create a better world. When I’m finished working for the day it’s likely I’ll be tucked up doing crochet and tending to plants. Elizabeth and I are very ambitious for elizabeth whibley and I’m so happy to be here for the ride. Thanks for keeping me busy and happy with your orders!