Elizabeth Whibley, director and textile designer for Elizabeth Whibley ltd enjoys her home and studio life in Margate, Kent. Elizabeth has a notable playful and pink pastiche style and takes inspiration from the everyday mundane making it emotive and endearing but also takes great inspiration from the spectacular colours and patterns of the 1970s and retro treasures and collectables. Her adoration for the the slow revival and second hand clothing revolution means her brand effortlessly combines the two to create made-to-order or limited edition printed pieces or items made from vintage or second hand fabrics. Elizabeths values are parallel to those of her business as the brand is run with such personal passion and ambition to create feel-fabulous clothing and accessories with as little impact on the environment as possible whilst still not compromising on funky flair and kitsch confidence. To the highest standard she completed a Master of Arts: Fashion Design (with a focus on slow and sustainable practices) and a BA(hons) in Fashion Textile Print. Elizabeth finished her studies in September 2020 and has since plunged into her brand full time as of November 2020 and is due to launch her third saleable collection July 4th 2021.

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Elizabeth Whibley started her career in the fashion industry around 17 years old modelling appearing at Lazy Oaf, Tatty Divine, London Fashion Week, Toni&Guy and Lucy & Yak. Her shift to working directly in design started around 5 years ago when she started interning at Mary Benson, Typical Freaks and Now Gallery to name a few.


Elizabeth’s evolvement and push for the rise of the second hand clothing revolution and keeping fabric waste out of landfills had her working with Love Not Landfill and Oxfam and creating a hand picked collection of second hand accessories and clothing. Elizabeth has had her debut collection ‘Dreaming and Doing’ showcased at Graduate Fashion Week, Bricks magazine @ LFW, and New Designers. 


Her main agenda has always been to create the clothes she has designed and to hire models, despite her modeling experience, Elizabeth much prefers to be on the other side of the camera directing and styling her visions. No doubt about it you will still see her in her own garments making appearances in her collections as she is very much her own muse still. Her personality and identity is undetachable from her creative output and brand. Since finishing university Elizabeth has designed window art for Selfridges, launched a swimsuit collection for one-woman-ran successful leisure brand Jade Clark, and has worked on a recycled acrylic earring collection with legendary Brummy brand, No Basic Bombshell. To see archive collections and collaborations please click here! 


Haven’t had enough yet? Elizabeth Whibley has featured in online articles, Nylon, Noctis, Plus Minus, Hokkfabrica, Fashion Crossover, Fashion Lamour.

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