Elizabeth’s personal values and aesthetic are parallel to her brand elizabeth whibley. Her notably pink and playful style stemming from fondness of nostalgia,  obsession of kitsch, retro collectables and colours and patterns from eras gone before create wonderful, distinctive outcomes through textile design and styling. 

Elizabeth’s advocacy in the rise of the second-hand clothing revolution has seen her working with Love Not landfill; a hand-picked collection of second-hand accessories and clothing was sold to raise money for Oxfam, being sold alongside other charities and hand-picked collections from other fashionista’s. Some of her debut collection ‘Dreaming and Doing’, was showcased at Bricks magazine sustainability showroom at London Fashion Week, after already the collection was shown in full at Graduate Fashion Week and New Designers. Elizabeth has participated in several public panel discussions but most significant is a solo lecture at Sustainability Week 2020 at Liverpool John Moores University, discussing importance of slow fashion against fast fashion.


When out of her studio located in Margate, Elizabeth works on a fantastic mix of projects via online content creation, and also works within the local community via Margate Pride, Kamcop, and The Margate Arts Club.


Elizabeth has collaborated and designed on several amazing projects since finishing her studies in 2020, the most exciting being with Lucy & Yak, Selfridges, Jade Clark and No Basic Bombshell. 


The current collection for Spring Summer 2022 is available to order now! This is the brands 4thsaleable collection. For an archive of previous seasons please click here!

Elizabeth Whibley has featured in online articles, Nylon, Noctis, Plus Minus, Hokkfabrica,

Fashion Crossover, Fashion Lamour.

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